Saturday, October 30, 2010

Oh my gosh how time flies. Thanks to Kelcie leaving I am getting a bit more comfortable with blogging. We had a busy summer, which by the way went by way too fast. It was so good to get a little visit in with all of our family as well. It is so hard not to be around to see all the fun things everyone is doing and realizing how much we are missing.
Was great to have all of your support when Kelcie left. I am actually doing much better than I thought I would, but thanks for checking!
School is in full swing again. I am enjoying this year a lot more than last. Fun teacher to work with and a few less kids which makes it a lot easier. Now if we could just fix everyone problems we would do just great.
Fall is deffinately here. It is getting cold and rainy. Have our big Halloween Party tonight with Haunted house, etc. There will be 5 Wards involved this year. Bro Allen is so great to have it at his place again.
Had a wonderful morning at the temple for ward temple day. A first for our new Stk Presidency and a last for our Temple President. Memories.
Sorry this is kind of short and no pictures. I must work on that.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Ok, so I at least got the pictures on the previous post. Somewhere on there I should have labeled the pictures. Oh well. Perhaps next time. I think Martha came out in me today and I thought I was on spring break, Yesterday and today our house was in quite a mess. Old counters were removed yesterday and new ones installed today and it was quite a mess. Sawdust everywhere. Took me from the time they left(abt noon) until now to clean the kitchen and the two bathrooms. Dad did his share of course and hooked up all the sinks and faucets again. Nice to be able to have them working again.
In the downtime I fertilized the rest of the lawn before it is going to rain again. We have quite a mess out there as well thanks to all the moss that is in abundance this year. You know like the mosskiller, thatching and so on. Hopefully it will be all worth it in the long run.
Oh ya, and we had a realtor friend stop by yesterday as well (we were supposed to be done, but Ralph did Aunt Helen's first since they were leaving town).
I love the way the counters turned out and the black sink looks quite nice. Now we have to work on the tile for the backsplash. (hopefully this weekend) at least decide which ones we want. We also bought a few light fixtures yesterday afternoon. Formal DIning, living room, foyer, upstairs hall and our bedroom. I think that will be almost the last of the light. Need to do the big bathroom ones.
Ok, why did we have so many children?
Anyway I will try to keep you posted. Love all of you and wish we were living closer.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I can't believe I actually did it. Sigh. If I can just remember what I did for the next time around.

pet racoons (there are actually 2)

well, here I go again. This time I am getting brave and see if I can actually attach some photos of the 'before new windows' and after 'new windows' house. I also snug some ones from this summer in there.

Friday, October 9, 2009

As I said. I really don't know what I am doing. So the other day I finally decided to sent a condensed update and it posted as a comment on our wall. So, in cause anyone is interested to read it you have to scroll down to the comment section. In one of these days I'll get it.

Had a day off today and we decided to go to the temple. Since we usually go late of have made it on the hour we did not know they eliminated the on the half hour. It gave us a good half hour to ourselves in the chapel. It was great, except for the traffic on the way home. We left at ten and made it back home abt. 4.

Monday, July 13, 2009

our big changes

I finally framed the picture that used to be in the foyer table of my home town

Dad wanted some color on the wall. I gave him his wish in the downstairs bedroom. We finally decided this had to be it, after mixing a color I could live with.

playroom, still needs finishing touches. The 2 outside walls are the green. It looks quite nice.

Our park like backyard. I guess we really needed the rain, the yard is turning brown.

Our bedroom

Thanks to Kelcie I am finally updating our blog. As you all know by now we have been working on the house. Painting and painting and more painting. As in me.(painting) Dad has been working hard
outside and it has never looked this good. We now have a definate property line. Thanks to the old lawnmower and many bent blades. Also all the weeds around the 90+ trees are gone and sprayed.

Big thanks to Greg and his family for helping us pick the color for the house and all the work they put into getting it painted. We could have never done it without their help. Kelcie knows when to get sick and for how long to get out of the work. Just kidding she would have been ok with not being sick. ANd than poor Jaren and Kaelyn caught that nasty bug. It sure did not turn out to be a fun vacation for them.

We are looking forward to see most of you soon. Ashlee and Gerrit are here right now for Ashlee's class reunion.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Love Mom, Dad and Kelcie